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Door County RV Storage Tips

Important Tips when Shopping for RV Storage

Be sure to measure your vehicle (including any items that overhang) before selecting your storage space. Length, width, and height are important to take into account. Don't forget to include room for your camping gear and any other items that may require additional space or a larger unit.

Before Storing your RV or Camper:

  • Inspect tires for signs of dry rot or deflation.
  • Your vehicle should be free of all leaks.
  • All motorized vehicles should be on a trailer or in working condition.
  • RVs should have current license plates. Tags that expire during storage should be renewed.

For Long-Term Storage:

  • Add a fuel stabilizer.
  • Check fuel lines and gaskets to ensure there are no leaks. Lay down cardboard or old carpeting to protect the floor.
  • Check seals around windows and doors.
  • Wash, wax, and thoroughly clean the vehicle's exterior and interior.
  • RV covers are recommended, especially for outdoor storage.
  • Make a list of anything you take out so you remember what to put back before your next vacation!

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