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Door County Mini Self-Storage Tips

Important Tips for Mini-Storage:

  • Be sure to wrap your items carefully and seal boxes with tape. Doing so will protect items from dust and insects that may creep in.
  • Mini storage units can hold an amazing amount of stuff - use space wisely. You'll be surprised how much you can fit if you plan ahead and use quality packing materials, totes, and boxes that stack neatly.
  • Label! Even if you know exactly what you're putting in each box now, it will help make things easier to locate when you need it in a hurry. Even easier...take pictures!
  • Keep your items off the floor. Using pallets will help improve airflow in the unit and protect your items (and the unit). Need pallets? Give us a call for FREE pallets when you reserve your space.
  • Plan for temperature changes. This is Wisconsin, you just never know what kind of temperature you're going to find. Electronics, vinyl records, and photos should be double wrapped, insulated (or not stored at all) to avoid damage.

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