*New Units Available!* Larger indoor storage & group storage buildings

Door County Boat Storage Facility

Once you take your beloved vessel out of the water, it’s important to store it somewhere safe from the elements until the next boating season rolls around. Whether you need storage for your canoe, kayak, sailboat, fishing boat, jet ski, row boat, paddle boat or yacht, Northern Door Storage has you covered with our boat storage facilities!

Our facilities keeps your boat, trailer, and gear protected from all conditions of weather, damage and theft. To fit your individual needs, NDS offers short-term, monthly leases and long-term winter leases. We also offer large temperature controlled group storage buildings that allow you to avoid the hassle of winterizing your boat or other watercrafts.

Many NDS customers with limited space at their home or vacation property enjoy the benefits of storing their boat throughout the year – using it as a garage where they can store their boats, skis, tubes, and fishing equipment between outings. No hassle with covering or removing your supplies – just park it, lock it up, and it’s ready for the next time you need it.

Storage options feature:

Types of Storage Available

Northern Door Storage - Door County Indoor Private Storage Units and Group Temperature Controlled Storage Unit
Open Outdoor Parking

Park your covered watercrafts in the open area of our well-lit, secure parking lot.

Northern Door Storage - Private Indoor Self-Storage Unit Door with Lock in Door County
Private Indoor Storage Unit

Lock your small boats, such as canoes, kayaks, row boats, and small fishing boats, safely in one of our individual small to large indoor storage units accessed via a manual roll-up door.

Northern Door Storage - Group Temperature Controlled Storage Unit in Door County
Group Temperature Controlled Indoor Storage

Store your large boats, such as yachts and sail boats, in our premium enclosed temperature controlled group storage area, accessed via a large powered roll-up door. We offer two different door sizes: 16′ x 14′ & 14′ x 14′.

What does the group storage area look like?

Nothern Door Storage - Boats and Vehicles in Group Temperature Controlled Storage Unit in Door County
Large Doors for Easy Access
Nothern Door Storage - Boats and Vehicles in Group Temperature Controlled Storage Unit in Door County
Nothern Door Storage - Boats and Vehicles in Group Temperature Controlled Storage Unit in Door County
Clean and Well-Lit

Storage Unit Sizes & Prices


Sister Bay Hwy57 & Plant Rd

5′ x 10′4 x 8$50.00
5′ x 10′4 x 10$50.00
9′ x 11′9 x 9$55.00
9′ x 15′9 x 9$60.00
10′ x 8′9 x 9$50.00
10′ x 12′9 x 9$60.00
10′ x 15′9 x 9$65.00
10′ x 20′9 x 9$80.00
10′ x 22′9 x 9$85.00
10′ x 24′9 x 9$90.00
10′ x 32′9 x 9$110.00
11′ x 10′10 x 10$65.00
11′ x 15′10 x 10$75.00
11′ x 20′10 x 10$90.00
11′ x 22′10 x 10$95.00
11′ x 25′10 x 10$100.00
11′ x 28′10 x 10$105.00
11′ x 30′10 x 10$110.00
11′ x 35′10 x 10$130.00
11′ x 40′10 x 10$175.00
11′ x 50′10 x 10$200.00
12′ x 15′10 x 10$90.00
12′ x 20′10 x 10$95.00
12′ x 25′10 x 10$110.00
12′ x 30′10 x 10$120.00
12′ x 35′10 x 10$140.00
15′ x 40′12 x 14$215.00
55’x70′14×14Contact Us for DetailsX
55’x70′16×14Contact Us for DetailsX
Outdoor Parking LotContact Us for Details
Group Temperature-Controlled StorageContact Us for Details

Egg Harbor Harbor School Rd

6×103×6.5$75.00 X
9×123.75×7$130.00 X
10×103.75×7$120.00 X
10×123.75×7$140.00 X

Egg Harbor Heritage Lake road

45x60x1010×10 (2)Contact Us for DetailsX
45x60x1616×15Contact Us for Details